Monday, March 15, 2010

Im getting older...

YAY! I have a new blog! Bare with me here, its a mess, and Its not really quite where I want it to be yet...BUT its there!

The pictures are bigger! The font is cuter, and once I am all done with it, its going to be BEAUTIFUL!

So Enjoy!

Here it is!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


last week I went to dallas, and it SNOWED!!! I was astounded! This NEVER happens, and it wasnt just a little it was ALOT! All I kept thinking was how badly I wanted a bride out in that snow, someone who wouldnt mind getting in their dress, and getting it a little wet.

Well I found one...and this is what we got. I loved it! I wish I could plan this all the time!

just as a side note, the beautiful bride, was my sweet momma! It was so fun to get her dress out and play in the snow! thanks momma it was so fun and so special to get to do this with you!

Monday, February 8, 2010


So I am officially over 25, I am 26, today. I cant believe it. Every birthday I think back to Rachel at 16. I dont know about you guys, but I had a very different outlook on what I would have been when I was this age. That little girl would have been married to a Tech football player staying home with her possibly 3 kids! (I was crazy) And probably not too happy! But as I look at my life as me now, I see that I am a mom of a Precious little girl, a wife to a wonderful, fun and caring hubby, a photographer, which is by far the BEST job on the planet and Im 26! Yes, That is 4 years left til im 30! are you kidding me! thats SO CRAZY! But I think Ive done pretty good! I am very thankful for the 26 years my sweet Lord has given me! Cant wait to see what kind of twists and turns 26 has for me...

Thanks for being a part of my life! You all make it better each day, and I love you all for being there!

These are some of my favorite pics of me and my family this last year!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

McArthur Wedding...Tyler, TX Wedding Photography

I hate that I am once more apologizing for the lack of blogging, but here is a newer one.

I have the pleasure of once more showing you some shots of the simply beautiful Amy now McArthur and her handsome husband (eeekk! So exciting!) Paul! They were married January 2nd at Grace on Jacksonville, and they made the church foyer and stage oooze them and their love and playfulness, with the chic style that they both have. The center pieces were all really cool old books, there was black and white damask tastefully placed around to give some pop, and let me just tell you, she left in a bird cage veil! COME ON you know she had me when she came out in that!

It has been a blast getting to know these two and their families over the last 5 or so months. These two are so in love...they are just better with each other. And I love when I can be a part of a couples day when they love each other so strongly. I believe so much in marriage, and the bond that the Lord puts between you and your love, I am just so thankful when there are others out there who find that! So without further ado here are Mr. and Mrs. McArthur!

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your day!

and Thank you to my second shooter Lane Davis and our fun friend Alex Maldonado for coming and hanging out towards the end of the night!

beware its a long one!

I apologize for them being out of order, I dont know why it wont upload in the order I put them!